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We went in search of snow and golden sunlight, and felt like we were in a different country.

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It honestly hurts me more than anything when people get mad at me for following my dream. I just really need to vent right now.

You can’t be mad at me when you see our friendship has changed and blame it on the fact that I’ve left. I am not going to stay close to home to be your best friend because when I leave it gets to difficult for you. If I was back home and missed you while you were at college I would still support your want to further your education. Why am I suddenly under the obligation to change my life around for the sake of our friendship? I will work at it regardless of where I live in this world. You are the one who constantly gets mad at my good news. Hey! I’m going to austria! Hey I’m going to berlin! Hey! I’m moving to holland! Hey! I think I’ll go to belgium next! This isnt some short trip. This is my fucking life. My passion. Your lack of support is what’s ruined our friendship. Why do you even care if I’m not home? You’re busy raving your nights away with your mega cool molly squad. The difference between us is I can build new lives in different countries and different places and still manage to keep old friendships and still be myself. You start smoking pot, build a life around it, and all you have are your boogie buddies now. I am so fucking sick of being a bad guy because I leave or because I don’t tell you of my next goals in the right way. Like when are you just going to admit that anything I do now is just wrong because I didn’t build my life around you? If you actually missed me you’d try like I have to make it better. But at this point I don’t see a point in even being friends which is such a fucking disappointment because there is no one in this world that I loved more than you.

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If it involves mountains, breakfast food, coffee or campfires - I’m in. 

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